Mürmann – Steel arch bridges for Albert Canal

15. October 2018

Albert Canal, waterway connecting the cities of Antwerp and Liège and is the most frequented artificial waterway in Belgium. Extension work is underway to increase the efficiency of the Albert Canal so that ships can stack up four sea containers. Therefore 31 bridges across the Albert Canal will be raised to a height of 9.10 m above the canal level. For 8 steel arch bridges with a span of 123 m to 128 m the high performed m•connect tension rod systems 560 are used in different sizes from M85x4 to M110x4 and a length up to approx. 22 m. The installation of m•connect tension rod systems 560 for the first steel arch bridge in the Belgium city Herentals were made in September 2018 and m•connect tension rod systems 560 for further 4 steel arch bridges will be delivered until the end of 2018.