Mürmann – Innovative type of pylon for overhead lines

9. April 2018

Products from Mürmann’s m•connect tension rod system are currently being tested in a new over­head power line design for the 380 kV transmis­sion grid. The innovative design is space-saving and requires only half of the route width needed up till now with steel lattice masts, so that for new routes considerably less harm is done to nature. The mast consists of a conically shaped solid-wall design, as in wind turbine towers, and a trapeze to take up the power lines. Before the power lines are suspended it is necessary to achieve a 100 mm superelevation of the trapeze tip. The calcu­lated shortening of the tension rod systems by 20 mm or 13 mm is achieved by tight­ening the rods. The installation of the first masts be­gan at the begin­ning of the year on a two-kilometer long stretch at the Jessen transformer station.